Dischem Foundation- Random Act of Kindness

The Dis-Chem Foundation has been in partnership with Primedia for 7 years with an on-air “Random Act of Kindness” monthly on 947, 702, Cape Talk, KFM, and East Coast Radio. Together they will distribute donations to worthy causes.

Why they choose us?

The Dis-Chem Foundation is providing care and support to improve the lives of individuals while relieving the burden on communities, families and friends.

They recognised our work community upliftment project in Cape Town and gave us R80 000 as part of DisChem’s ‘Random Act of Kindness’ initiative, over a period of time, to continue our work.

How we are using sponsorship?

With the sponsorship, we were able to employ one of our previous applicants as our administrator.  We also used the sponsorship to purchase equipment and pattern design stationery.

Listen to them informing us that we won here.